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Rent Online or In Store

*North Hall Middle School Parents contact us before renting online

By clicking the "Rent Online | Click Here" button above and submitting the form on the following page you are agreeing to the Rental Terms & Conditions.


Monthly rental

Our rentals are nonobligatory and on a month to month basis. Plus each rental payment you make goes towards paying the instrument off so if you continue your rental you will own it!


We offer rentals for most mainstream instruments in band and orchestra categories. We guarantee our instruments are teacher approved and of the highest quality.

Rental Repairs

All rentals come with a liability damage waiver, meaning that if your instrument is damaged, you can bring it into one of our locations and we will fix it. Any rental brought in for repair under severe damage can obtain a loaner while your instrument is getting repaired. Plus we perform all repairs

IN HOUSE; we don't have to send your instruments to a 3rd party repair shop which means you get it back sooner!


We have all cleaning supplies, reeds, books and more in store. If you order these products online we have to wait for them to be shipped to us from the warehouse. If you wait to purchase these maintenance supplies during rental pickup in store we can get them to you the day of pickup!

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