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Terms and Conditions

By clicking submit on our online rental form you are verifying that you have read and understand all the following information on this page and agree to all terms and conditions listed below.

1. OTHER FEES. Late fee: $5.00 on payments not received within 10 days after due date. Returned Check Fee: $25.00, 10 days after written demand has been sent to you.

2. INITIAL TRIAL PERIOD. Your initial rental payment covers 2 month(s) rental. After that, you may return the instrument or continue renting by paying the monthly rental payment. The Trial Period and monthly payments will not be prorated. The trial period cannot be extended or renewed.

3. RENTAL OWNERSHIP AND MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY. The cost of Lease does not include other charges, including but not limited to, the optional Liability Damage Waiver, late fees or applicable tax. You will not own the instrument until you have paid the total amount necessary for ownership or exercised your early purchase option. If permitted, any applicable manufacturer's warranty will be transferred to you at the time you acquire ownership.

4. LIABILITY FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE. You are fully responsible for loss, theft, damage to or destruction of the instrument from all causes in excess of normal wear and tear, up to a maximum of the fair market value of the instrument. You can choose the optional Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) (Item 5) to cover some of your liability.

5. LIABILITY DAMAGE WAIVER (LDW) (optional but recommended). If you choose this option by paying the LDW fee and are not in default of this Agreement, you will not be liable for loss of or damage to the instrument due to theft or fire. For theft, you must furnish us with a Police Report showing forced entry within 72 hours of loss. The LDW does not cover mysterious disappearance from the school band or orchestra room or lockers, or by any circumstances in which breaking and entering is not factor. We will not replace the instrument, and payments made prior to the date of loss or damage are not refundable or transferable. If you claim loss under the LDW you agree that we are subrogated to all of your rights, claims, and remedies due to the loss of the instrument including but in no way limited to your rights or any recoveries under any insurance policies. The LDW also covers certain repairs to the instrument. We will repair any damage to the instrument at no charge, waiving our normal $80.00 minimum repair charge, unless the damage is due to your willful act or negligence. The LDW does not include damage to the finishes, cases, strings, speakers, reeds, drum sticks, drum heads, bow hair, rosin, bridges, brass and woodwind mouthpieces, neck straps, ligatures, and caps. ALL REPAIRS MUST BE DONE BY A COMPANY APPROVED TECHNICIAN.

6. EARLY PURCHASE OPTION. At any time after the initial rental payment, you may exercise an early purchase option by paying the Cash Price less the total of rental payments made, times 70% (additional 30% discount), plus any applicable sales tax. LDW does not apply toward the early purchase option. Cost of lease services shall be prorated through the early payoff date. See item 15 for string exchange policy. Accounts must be current before the early purchase option applies.

7. DEFAULT. If you fail to make a rental payment within 10 days of due date, or if you fail to observe any other term in this Agreement, all of which are material, you will be in default and this Agreement terminates. If you default, and after we give you notice required by law, we will be entitled to all legal remedies, including repossession of the instrument and our damages. You must pay us for all reasonable costs of collection and court costs. Upon default, all of your rental credit, if any, will be void, and you will be liable for any amounts due and the immediate return of the instrument.

8. MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR. If you do not choose the LDW option, you are responsible for maintaining the instrument in good working condition during this Agreement. There will be an $80.00 minimum repair charge if the instrument is returned in a damaged condition or otherwise needs repairs up to a maximum charge equal to the fair market value of the instrument.

9. TERMINATION. You can terminate this agreement at any time, without penalty, but returning the instrument to us in good condition, fair wear and tear excepted. All original issues accessories such as strings, mouthpieces, drum pads, sticks, instrument parts, and bows must be returned with the instrument, or you will pay for them at the time of return. DO NOT LEAVE THE INSTRUMENT AT SCHOOL WITHOUT PROPER ADVANCE AUTHORIZATION FROM US>

10. REINSTATEMENT. If you default on your payment this Agreement expires. You may reinstate it without losing any rights previously acquired by returning the instrument to us when instructed. You will have 100 days from the date of return to reinstate by making all payments due. If you reinstate, we will furnish you the same instrument or an instrument of comparable quality and condition.

11. BILLING AND CHANGE OF ADDRESS. You will receive billing statements from us (unless you choose EZ Pay option) at the address listed. You must inform us in writing of any address changes. All rental payments are due in advance. There are no refunds on rental payments. Note: You are responsible for your monthly payments even if you do not receive a bill. Errors in the billing process and with the postal service may occur. Rental fees are not contingent on practice or lesson schedules or time in the repair shop.

12. INSTRUMENT LOCATION. You must not move the instrument from the address shown in the Agreement without our written consent. You must not sell, pawn, dispose of or pledge the instrument as security while this Agreement is in effect. Note: Do not leave instrument in school if you wish to cancel this Agreement. You are liable for all payments and the total cost of rental unless you have received a return receipt from. Your school is not a party to this transaction.

13. CREDIT REPORT. You agree to allow us to obtain a personal credit report at any time during this Agreement.

14. TAXES. Applicable state and local taxes are in addition to our prices and rates (except sales tax is included in the accessory prices).

15. STRINGED INSTRUMENT EXCHANGE. You can trade Violins, Violas, and Cellos, for a larger size as the child grows. We will apply 100% of your rental payments (not including taxes, fees, or Liability Damage Waiver) toward the larger instrument. (If you exchange instruments without signing a new Agreement, you agree that the terms of this Agreement will apply to each instrument and exchange.) You may exchange from one instrument type to another of equal or greater value. Current rental rates apply to all future payments that become due. 

16. NEW INSTRUMENT PURCHASE. If you are renting a used instrument, you can exchange to a new student-level instrument within 12 months after the original rental date, and all rental payments made (not including taxes, fess, or Liability Damage Waiver) will apply toward the new instrument price of equal or greater value (not including taxes, fess, or Liability Damage Waiver). Once you have purchased the new instrument, you have no further return or exchange options. Certain drums, guitars, keyboards and percussion kits have other exchange rights and rental credit within the first 12 months of the original contract date. See a sales representative for further details.

17. BAND INSTRUMENT EXCHANGE. You may exchange from one instrument type to another instrument type; of equal or greater value and of the same inventory grade as the original rental, apply any rental payments made (not including taxes, fees, or Liability Damage Waiver), and pay any additional rental charges which are due during this Agreement. This policy is only available if your account remains current throughout its term. See item 15 for string exchange policy. Current rental rates apply to all future payments that become due.

18. SECURITY DEPOSIT. If you pay a security deposit, we can use it on any outstanding balance under this Agreement at our option. You are still requires to make your monthly payment. Upon satisfactory return of the instrument, we will refund the deposit to you within 4 weeks of the actual return date, less any amounts you owe us. Security deposits do not bear interest unless required by state law.

19. TITLE TO THE INSTRUMENT. We own the instrument until you make all rental and other payments required under this Agreement or exercise your early purchase option. If you declare bankruptcy, we retain title, and the instrument must be returned to us immediately. You do not have the right to keep the instrument if you do not make all of the payments necessary for ownership. You are not required to purchase insurance or LDW from us or any vendor owned or controlled by us.

20. AUTHORIZATION OF CHARGE CARDS. You authorize us to bill against your credit card account listed if your rental account becomes more than 10 days past due.

21. MANDATORY ARBITRATION. You and we agree that any claim or dispute between us or by either of us against the other arising from or related to this Agreement must be resolved by binding arbitration by and under the Code of Procedure of the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) in effect at the time the claim is filed. Rules and forms of the NAF may be obtained and all claims shall be filed at any NAF office, on the World Wide Web at or at P.O> Box 50191, Minneapolis, Minn. 55405. We will pay the filing fee if you want to file a claim against us. This arbitration is made pursuant to a transaction involving interstate commerce and shall be governed by the Federal Arbitration act, 9 U.S.C. Sections 1-16. Nothing in this Agreement shall prevent us from pursuing judicial or nonjudicial relief to recover our instrument or for money damages, such suit is not intended as a waiver of the right of any party to compel arbitration of any other dispute arising under this Agreement, including any counterclaims you might have against us.If we file such a suit, you can have the dispute arbitrated if we receive written notice from you of your desire to do so on or before the date your answer or other response is due in the court where we filed suit. BY AGREEING TO THIS ARBITRATION YOU WAIVING YOUR RIGHT TO A JURY TRIAL. 

22. EMAIL OPT-IN: By supplying us with your e-mail address, you have agreed to receiving our sales promotions and marketing materials via e-mail. Your information is always kept confidential. We do not sell or share this information.

By clicking submit on our online rental form you are verifying that you have read and understand all the following information on this page and agree to all terms and conditions listed above.

Monthly rental

Our rentals are nonobligatory and on a month to month basis. Plus each rental payment you make goes towards paying the instrument off so if you continue your rental you will own it!


We offer rentals for most mainstream instruments in band and orchestra categories. We guarantee our instruments are teacher approved and of the highest quality.

Rental Repairs

All rentals come with a liability damage waiver, meaning that if your instrument is damaged, you can bring it into one of our locations and we will fix it. Any rental brought in for repair under severe damage can obtain a loaner while your instrument is getting repaired. Plus we perform all repairs

IN HOUSE; we don't have to send your instruments to a 3rd party repair shop which means you get it back sooner!


We have all cleaning supplies, reeds, books and more in store. If you order these products online we have to wait for them to be shipped to us from the warehouse. If you wait to purchase these maintenance supplies during rental pickup in store we can get them to you the day of pickup!

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