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Music Lessons

Student Policy

Our teachers and staff are dedicated and will provide knowledge and encouragement to all our students allowing them to reach their highest potential.  Our students will develop a love and understanding of music which will be a source of joy and relaxation throughout their life.   We have certain expectations of the students in order to accomplish this.


Students should arrive on time, be prepared, and bring all their lesson materials with them.  A student must attend all their classes to progress.  There will be no make-up lessons or fee transfers for missed lessons unless we are notified at least 24 hours in advance, except in the case of unexpected illness, teacher cancellation, or school closing.  In these cases we will reschedule lessons as our schedule permits.  Each student is reserved a specific time and day every week with our school and their assigned teacher.

Lesson Fee

Lesson fees are paid at the beginning of each month for the entire month. 

Our rates are: $30 per week for 1/2 hour lessons $60 per week for 1 hour lessons.


Gwinnett Discount Music teachers may select various books and materials to be used by the student and payment for these materials is expected upon receipt.


To Sign up for lessons please call us or come in to one of our locations and fill out a registration form. We welcome the opportunity to get acquainted and to help you reach your musical goals!

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